No form of human exchange is more profitable than the exchange of ideas. If I give you a thought in return for one of your thoughts, each of us will have gained a 100% dividend. – Napoleon Hill


As a leader at your business or non-profit, you have a lot of responsibility. The community, your customers, your stakeholders and your staff members all have different expectations. It can feel as if there is no one else who understands your situation, your needs or how to help.

What if there were a confidential group, composed of your peers, where you could safely bring your struggles and get feedback, ideas and input from others who have been there? You don’t have to do this alone. And you don’t have to recreate the wheel to have the impact you want to have on your organization.

This Peer Advisory Group format is often referred to as a Mastermind Group. The ‘master mind’ refers to the power of having multiple minds working together to solve a problem. The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts! Or another way to say it, we are truly better together.

Having interaction with other nonprofit leaders helped me feel less alone in the effort. It was helpful hearing that challenges are a part of the process. Kirsten’s facilitation helped to encourage people to share.
– Naokimi, New York

Benefits you can expect as a mastermind group member:

  • Develop stronger programs through feedback from the group
  • Leverage the group’s ability to get new and better ideas through brainstorming
  • Accomplish more through increased accountability
  • Be challenged and spurred on by your peers
  • Supportive network, both in the meetings and outside them
  • Access to the experience and wisdom of others
  • Make real progress with your efforts to engage with your stakeholders

Thank you so much for your interest and in your guidance during the last Mastermind session. I did learn a lot and thought it was definitely worthwhile.
– Joan, Virginia

Meeting details:

New groups will be starting in January. We meet twice each month virtually so it’s easy to attend from your office or home.

The meetings are 90 minutes.

Day of the month will be determined by the needs of the members.

Meetings will follow this general format, with adjustments as needed according to the group needs:

  • Greetings
  • Success stories
  • Goals for the upcoming month
  • Masterminding / Feedback / Support – each participant will have an equal amount of time to share a concern or two and receive feedback
  • Resources you’d like to share with the group
  • Closing

Your Next Steps:

Schedule a time to chat to explore if this mastermind group is a good fit for you. Complete the form below and you’ll receive an email with a link you can use to schedule our call.