Strategic Visioning Packages


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Keynote & Breakout Session Presentations


  • Make 3 Changes: Navigating Endings, Transitions & New Beginnings for Greater Impact
  • Makeover Your Meetings
  • Transform Your Trainings
  • Master Your Mindset
  • Creating the Habits, Routines & Practices You Need to Change the World


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Breakthrough Retreats


Customized experiences to help you and your team, your board and your organization thrive.

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Change Agent Coaching


One on one support for change agents – leaders who are ready to develop personally & professionally for greater impact.

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Personal Development Programs


A 12 month personal development experience designed for nonprofit leaders who are interested in self-reflection and personal growth.

Weekly Modules

  1. The Power of Beginnings – How you start anything is how you start everything
  2. Self-Awareness: Becoming a Student of YOU
  3. The Power of Questions – Ask better questions, get better results
  4. Leverage your Language – Learning to speak and think in a positive way
  5. Facing off with Fear – How to recognize it for what it is and put it in its place
  6. Surround Yourself – Exploring your surroundings and how they impact your results
  7. The Power of Presence – How can being fully present serve you?
  8. The Power of Being Decisive – Decision Making
  9. Managing Expectations – Getting clear about …
  10. Embracing and Inviting Accountability
  11. Learning to Make Lasting Change – Make 3 Changes, Move Forward
  12. The Power of Endings – How do you wrap things up in your world?


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