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LEAD BY DESIGN: Finish Strong Mastermind

This 3-month program is designed for nonprofit leaders who are ready to create a clear vision for what it means to FINISH STRONG in 2019.  Over the next 3 months you will work individually to create the habits, routines and practices you need to realize your FINISH STRONG vision.  As part of this intimate cohort, you will benefit from weekly accountability, twice-monthly training and the power of a monthly mastermind to navigate some of the challenges and opportunities that present themselves along the way.

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A 4-month program for nonprofit leaders who are ready to Lead by Design, not by Default.  Leaders benefit from weekly accountability, twice monthly trainings, monthly mastermind and one-on-one mentoring and strategy support.

BONUS: Lifetime access to The Deliberate Leader 6-week program, a self-paced, online program designed to support your personal and professional development.

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Professional Development Programs **Coming Soon**

THE DELIBERATE LEADER: Lead by Design, Not by Default

A 6-week group program for leaders.

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MAKE 3 CHANGES: Move Forward

(Anticipated Release Date: March 2019)
An invitation and a framework to make 3 key changes for yourself, those you lead and those you serve.

  • Master your Mindset

  • Makeover your Meetings

  • Transform your Trainings

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Personal Development Programs


A 12 month personal development experience designed for nonprofit leaders who are interested in self-reflection and personal growth.

Weekly Modules

  1. The Power of Beginnings – How you start anything is how you start everything
  2. Self-Awareness: Becoming a Student of YOU
  3. The Power of Questions – Ask better questions, get better results
  4. Leverage your Language – Learning to speak and think in a positive way
  5. Facing off with Fear – How to recognize it for what it is and put it in its place
  6. Surround Yourself – Exploring your surroundings and how they impact your results
  7. The Power of Presence – How can being fully present serve you?
  8. The Power of Being Decisive – Decision Making
  9. Managing Expectations – Getting clear about …
  10. Embracing and Inviting Accountability
  11. Learning to Make Lasting Change – Make 3 Changes, Move Forward
  12. The Power of Endings – How do you wrap things up in your world?

Investment:  $1,200

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